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Aqua Source Silkworm Pupae


High in protein and carotenoids, our high quality silkworm pupae will help attain good growth and vibrant colours.

We advise soaking the pupae in warm water before feeding, to assist digestion. Best fed with water temperatures above 14c.

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Aqua Source Silkworm Pupae

Rich in protein and carotenoids, our high-quality silkworm pupae are a fantastic addition to your koi’s diet. These nutritious treats are specially formulated to promote good growth and vibrant colours in your fish, ensuring they thrive in your pond environment.

For optimal digestion and absorption of nutrients, we recommend soaking the silkworm pupae in warm water before feeding them to your fish. This process helps soften the pupae, making them easier for your fish to consume and digest effectively.

It’s best to offer these treats when the water temperature is above 14°C, ensuring that your koi can fully enjoy and benefit from the nutritional goodness of the silkworm pupae. Incorporating these high-quality treats into your feeding routine will not only delight your fish but also contribute to their overall health and vitality. Experience the difference with our premium silkworm pupae treats from Mujimono Koi!

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