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  • Aqua Source Gammarus Shrimps


    Aqua Source Gammarus Shrimps

    Indulge your Koi with the finest nutrition sourced from the clearest waters worldwide.

    Our premium-quality food enhances growth and brings out vibrant colors in your prized fish. Optimal results are achieved when feeding above 14°C water temperature.

    Elevate your Koi’s diet and watch them thrive with our highly nutritious formula.

    Ingredients; Gammarus Shrimps

    Composition; Crude Protein 48%, Crude Fat 5%, Crude Fibre 3%, Ash 5% VitA,D3,E &C.

  • Aqua Source Koi Buffet


    Combines all the high-quality treats that your fish love! Gammarus, Shrimps, Mealworm and Silkworm Pupae.  A highly nutritious buffet that your koi will love. Also ideal for goldfish and orfe.

  • Aqua Source Prawns


    A highly nutritious treat that your fish will love! High in protein for enhanced growth and natural carotenoids for vibrant colours.

  • Aqua Source Shrimps


    Very high in protein and ideal to feed to smaller fish.  A highly nutritious and quality food for increased growth and vibrant colours.  For best results, feed when the water temperature is above 14C

  • Aqua Source Silkworm Pupae


    High in protein and carotenoids, our high quality silkworm pupae will help attain good growth and vibrant colours.

    We advise soaking the pupae in warm water before feeding, to assist digestion. Best fed with water temperatures above 14c.

  • Evolution Aqua Freshwater Shrimp


    An excellent natural food for great colours, skin and growth. HIGH nutritional value and easily digestible protein which dramatically improves the koi’s internal system.

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  • Evolution Aqua Pond Treats


    Variety mix of high protein treats for all pond fish.

    Evolution Aqua’s Pond Treats Variety Mix are natural, high protein treats to supplement the diet of all pond fish. These high protein treats are Silkworm, Mealworm, Gammarus, and Shrimp. These treats can be fed to your fish along with their regular food.

  • Evolution Aqua Silkworm Pupae


    A proven high quality food for rapid growth and excellent skin quality. High in unprocessed natural protein which is easily digested.

    Evolution Aqua silkworm pupae are an excellent and powerful supplementary feed for koi. Made from the highest quality silkworm pupae, they are carefully dried out to retain all the goodness with no additives or preservatives included.

    This product is an ideal food due to it being rich in proteins. It not only increases the growth rate of your koi but also enhances the colours. Silkworm pupae can be fed as a daily ‘treat’ or as a powerfood at maximum of 30% of total food volume. Due to the high protein and fat content values, it is recommended not to feed below temperatures of 15C/59F. To improve the digestion ability of your koi further, put the pupae in warm water for half an hour before use.

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