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Aquaforte Pond Defence 100 (Electric Fence)


With this electric wire you can prevent herons from reaching your pond. Non-hazardous but very effective electric wire system. Operation: The energizer gives an electrical impulse to the wire that is tensioned around the pond. When touched, an impulse is emitted which keeps the heron away from the pond. The annual electricity costs are  minimal.

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Introducing the Heron Deterrent Electric Wire System, a safe and highly effective solution designed to protect your pond from herons and other predators. Here’s a breakdown of how this system works and its key benefits:

How It Works

Energizer Unit: The system includes an energizer unit that delivers controlled electrical impulses to the wire.

Tensioned Wire Barrier: The wire is strategically tensioned around the perimeter of the pond, creating a barrier that dissuades herons and other predators from approaching.

Impulse Response: When touched, the wire emits a harmless electrical impulse. This surprise impulse startles the predator, discouraging repeated attempts to access the pond.

Low Electricity Consumption: The energizer unit consumes minimal electricity, leading to low annual operating costs for the system.

Key Benefits:

Effective Deterrence: The system’s electrical impulses effectively deter herons and other predators, ensuring the safety of your pond and its inhabitants.

Safety Assurance: Despite its effectiveness, the system poses no hazards to wildlife or humans, guaranteeing safety for all involved.

Low Maintenance: Once installed, the system demands minimal maintenance, providing continuous protection for your pond throughout the year.

Cost-Effective: With its low electricity consumption and durable construction, the Heron Deterrent Electric Wire System offers a cost-effective long-term solution for pond protection.

Implementing the Heron Deterrent Electric Wire System grants you peace of mind, knowing that your pond is shielded from potential threats. This protection allows you to fully enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of your pond without worrying about unwanted intruders.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 80 × 40 × 40 cm