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Bactoplus Activator Gel (1ltr, 2.5ltr)


Bactoplus Activator Gel accelerates bacterial activity, improving pond water quality and reducing algae growth, suitable for new and existing ponds.

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To activate bacteria life in your pond we have Bactoplus Activator Gel which massively speeds up the process. BactoPlus Activator Gel contains natural minerals, trace elements and specially selected nutrients and bacteria. The use of BactoPlus Activator Gel in new ponds is only viable when bacteria are already added. In existing ponds, BactoPlus Activator Gel can be used without any reservations.

Bactoplus Activator Gel is an ideal maintenance product, because of the improved performance of bacteria the water quality will be improved and algae growth will be reduced.

BactoPlus Activator Gel is available in 1000 ml and 2500 ml.
1000 ml Bactoplus Activator Gel treats 20,000 litres of water.

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