Colombo BactoPlus Fresh PSB (2ltr)


Columbo Bactoplus Fresh is a unique living bacteria that enhances pond water quality by swiftly breaking down fish waste and organic matter.

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Discover the power of Columbo Bactoplus Fresh PSB, a one-of-a-kind living PSB bacteria renowned for its effectiveness and trusted by our satisfied customers.

Enhance your aquatic ecosystem with this popular solution, promoting optimal water quality and a thriving environment for your aquatic life. Experience the difference with Columbo Bactoplus Fresh PSB today, it proves to be very popular with our customers.

Bactoplus Fresh PSB is active immediately after being added to your pond. PSB stands for Photo Synthetic Bacteria which are capable of absorbing large quantities of organic waste and hence will improve the water quality resulting in a better environment for your fish.

Columbo Bactoplus Fresh is a photosynthetic living bacteria, which is primarily a cleaning bacteria that breaks down fish waste and organic matter to help provide sparkling, crystal clear water.

Bactoplus Fresh PSB can be used during spring, summer and autumn, and is really good at reducing ammonia spikes that tend to happen around this time of year.

2000ml will dose 5 x 40,000 litres of pond water with beneficial bacteria.

Bactoplus Fresh PSB improves water quality and clarity by removing ammonia and other impurities. Bactoplus Fresh PSB does not consume any oxygen so can be used at high dosage levels.

Use Fresh Columbo Bactoplus Fresh at a water temperature above 12 C.

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Weight 2 kg

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