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Colombo Ammonia Pond Test Kit


Colombo NH3 Ammonia Test Kit: Easily monitor ammonia levels in your koi pond for a safe environment. Fast, accurate testing for fish health.

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Quickly and easily monitor ammonia levels in your koi pond with Colombo’s NH3 Ammonia Test Kit. This liquid reagent test allows accurate testing of total ammonia to ensure a safe, healthy environment for your koi.

Ammonia is extremely toxic to fish, even at low levels. Goldfish and koi ponds must maintain ammonia below 0.02 mg/L. Higher concentrations burn gills, suppress the immune system, and can be fatal.

The Colombo test kit contains everything you need to measure total ammonia. The kit includes detailed colour-coded charts, ammonia test reagent, and plastic glass vials.

To test, simply fill a vial with 10ml pond water and add 5 drops of each reagent. Shake to mix, wait and compare against the colour chart to determine ppm of ammonia present. Rinse vial between tests.

Catch ammonia spikes before they harm your fish. Colombo’s Ammonia Test Kit is trusted by koi keepers for fast, accurate testing anytime. Order today and keep your pond water safe.

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