Colombo GH+ (1ltr, 2.5ltr, 5ltr, 15ltr)


Colombo GH+ enhances pond water hardness for fish health, with options for various pond sizes.

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Colombo GH+ increases the total hardness of the pond water. GH stands for total hardness and is the measurement of the total amount of dissolved minerals within the pond water; these minerals mainly consist of Calcium. A correct total hardness or GH is essential for the well-being of your fish and plants as plants and fish need these minerals for their health and growth. An ideal GH value should be between 10 and 15°DH.

When the optimal GH-value is reached using Colombo GH+, stabilise the values through the use of Colombo Balantex.

Colombo GH+ is available in the following sizes:
– Colombo GH+ 1Ltr – Treats 7,000 Litres
– Colombo GH+ 2.5Ltr – Treats 17,500 Litres
– Colombo GH+ 5Ltr – Treats 35,000 Litres
– Colombo GH+ 15Ltr – Treats 105,000 Litres

1 Measuring spoon (=15 ml) per 200 litres of pond water increases the GH value by 2°DH. Dilute the required amount in a bucket or watering can with lukewarm water and add to pond. Never poor directly onto plants. Test water quality at least once a month and correct if necessary.

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