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Colombo Morenicol Vita Spray (500ml)


East to apply and with vitamins and trace elements, Colombo Morenicol Vita-Spray enhances fish recovery and boosts appetite during illness.

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Colombo Morenicol Vita-Spray 500ml is a specialized formulation containing essential multivitamins and trace elements, designed to serve as a beneficial food additive for fish health and appetite improvement.

During periods when fish are recuperating from illnesses, need to rebuild their overall health, or are showing reluctance to eat, Colombo Morenicol Vita-Spray becomes a valuable supplement to their diet. By incorporating this spray into their food, fish can experience a boost in appetite and receive vital nutrients during crucial phases.

The recommended dosage of Colombo Morenicol Vita-Spray is 7 sprays (7ml) per 100 grams of fish food. This precise dosage ensures effective nutrient delivery without wastage or potential overdosing.

To apply Colombo Morenicol Vita-Spray, spread the fish food evenly and then spray the Vita-Spray in the prescribed dosage over the food. Allow the treated food to dry for several hours before feeding it to the fish on the same day of application.

Colombo Morenicol Vita-Spray is fortified with a comprehensive vitamin complex and essential trace elements, providing a well-rounded nutritional boost for fish health and vitality. This combination is particularly beneficial during recovery phases after winter or following treatments with medications to combat diseases, aiding fish in regaining strength and resilience.

Additionally, Vita-Spray includes an appetizer component to stimulate fish appetite, addressing common feeding challenges observed during recovery periods or decreased feeding activity.

In essence, Colombo Morenicol Vita-Spray offers a convenient and effective solution for improving fish appetite, supporting recovery processes, and delivering essential nutrients for overall fish health and well-being.

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