Colombo Phosphate X (1ltr)


Fast and effective Colombo Phosphate X rapidly reduces high pond phosphate and nitrate levels, preventing excessive unsightly algae growth.

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Colombo Phosphate X provides a liquid treatment for optimally reducing and removing phosphates from your pond. High Phosphate and Nitrates can cause excessive unsightly algae growth. Algae problems can be prevented through the use of Colombo Phosphate X which removes this vital nutrient required for the algae to thrive and grow.

Directions for use:

Dose 100ml per 1,000 litres of water to reduce the phosphate content by 1mg/l. Maximum one dose per day, repeat until levels are under 1mg/l. The use of phosphate X can cause a strong reduction of the pH therefore only use when the KH is at least 6°DH.

For optimal phosphate reduction
Helps prevent algae growth
Fast acting pond treatment
Each dose removes 1mg/l of phosphate

Additional information

Weight 1 kg