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Koi Pond Double Union Ball Valve (1″, 1.5″, 2″, 3″, 4″)


Dark grey 10 BAR PVC pressure fittings, produced in accordance to DIN standards and suitable for koi carp ponds.

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Upgrade your pond’s plumbing system with the precision-engineered Pond Double Union Ball Valve, crafted to meet the specific demands of koi carp ponds. These dark grey 10 BAR PVC pressure fittings adhere to stringent DIN standards, guaranteeing exceptional quality and performance in your aquatic environment.

Key Features:

High-Quality PVC: Crafted from durable PVC material, these fittings are designed to withstand the demanding conditions of koi carp ponds, ensuring long-lasting reliability.

Precision Engineering: Manufactured to precise DIN standards, these ball valve fittings offer seamless compatibility and easy integration into your existing plumbing setup.

10 BAR Pressure Rating: Built to handle pressures up to 10 BAR, these fittings are robust and capable of maintaining optimal flow control in your pond system.

Double Union Design: The double union configuration allows for easy installation, maintenance, and repairs without disrupting the entire plumbing network, saving you time and effort.

Reliable Performance: Enjoy consistent and leak-free operation with the reliable sealing provided by the ball valve design, minimizing water loss and ensuring efficient water management.

Suitable for Koi Carp Ponds: Tailored specifically for koi carp ponds, these fittings offer the performance and durability necessary to support a healthy aquatic environment for your prized fish.

Whether you are setting up a new pond system or upgrading an existing one, investing in high-quality fittings like the Pond Double Union Ball Valve is essential for achieving optimal water flow, control, and overall system efficiency. Trust in these precision-engineered fittings to deliver the performance and reliability your koi carp pond deserves.


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