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Evolution Aqua Airtech 95 Air Pump


Evolution Aqua Airtech 95 Litre Air Pump is a durable & hardy pond air pump that breathes life into your pond, avoiding stagnant patches, keep life healthy.

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Evolution Aqua Airtech 95 Litre Air Pump is a durable and robust pond air pump, essential for breathing life into your pond and maintaining its health. By preventing stagnant areas, it promotes a thriving ecosystem.

Oxygen is essential for all pond inhabitants, including Koi, goldfish, and bacteria. While using an air pump doesn’t directly increase oxygen levels in your pond, it works by circulating water rapidly, dispersing the oxygen present. This continuous movement also helps combat algae growth, particularly during warmer months.

The Evolution Aqua Airtech collection of air pumps is known for its longevity and reliability. High-quality rubber connectors ensure a watertight seal with connection hoses (not included). Additionally, each pump is equipped with a weather-tight thermal protection device to prevent overheating, prolonging its performance and lifespan.

Available in various formats, ranging from 75lph to 150lph, these pumps provide a smooth, continuous current in your pond. They can easily connect to airline tubing and an air stone to create a stream of bubbles.

Backed by a two-year guarantee, the Evolution Aqua Airtech 95 Litre Air Pump offers reliable performance and peace of mind.


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