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EvoUVTi Titanium Enhanced UV Clarifier 55w/110w


The Evolution Aqua evoUV Ti, Titanium Enhanced 55w UV Clarifier has a thick and polished titanium tube lining, which quickly clears green pond water. The titanium chamber’s internal surface reacts with the UV light and creates Hydroxyl Radicals, a strong oxidising agent, that immediately breaks down both organic and inorganic substances, making the water clear by eliminating algae, bacteria and viruses that live in water, while keeping all pond life safe.

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Experience advanced water clarification with the Evolution Aqua evoUV Ti, Titanium Enhanced UV Clarifier available in 55w and 110w variants.

Designed to efficiently clear green pond water and foster a thriving aquatic ecosystem, this UV clarifier boasts cutting-edge technology and superior performance. Key features include:

Thick and Polished Titanium Tube Lining: Equipped with a titanium chamber featuring a thick and polished lining, this UV clarifier ensures optimal transmission of UV light. This is crucial for effectively targeting and breaking down organic and inorganic substances present in the water.

Hydroxyl Radicals Formation: The internal surface of the titanium chamber reacts with UV light to generate Hydroxyl Radicals. These radicals act as potent oxidising agents, swiftly breaking down contaminants like algae, bacteria, and viruses. This process promotes water clarity and establishes a pristine environment for pond life.

Safe for Pond Life: Despite its powerful sterilisation capabilities, the evoUV Ti UV clarifier is designed to be safe for all pond inhabitants. It eliminates harmful microorganisms while ensuring the well-being of fish, plants, and other aquatic species.

Suitable for Large Ponds: The Evo 110 Ti UV clarifier is ideal for ponds up to 75,000 litres (16,500 UK gallons). Its sturdy construction and high-performance design make it suitable for medium to large-sized ponds. It effectively maintains water clarity and supports a balanced ecosystem in ponds of various sizes.

In summary, the Evolution Aqua evoUV Ti, Titanium Enhanced UV Clarifier offers pond owners a reliable and efficient solution for controlling green water and promoting overall water clarity. With its advanced titanium chamber and Hydroxyl Radicals formation, this UV clarifier ensures a healthy pond environment while preserving the vitality of pond life.

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