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FD Mighty


FD Mighty is carefully formulated with premium ingredients, including fish meal,Bran, Meal,and essential nutrients such as Choline,and Inositol,This unique formulation is based on profound knowledge and expertise,resulting in a feed that remarkably promotes the health and vitality of your koi.

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FD Mighty: Elevating Your Koi’s Nutrition

Are you seeking top-tier nutrition to boost the health and vitality of your beloved Koi? Look no further than FD Mighty, the ultimate choice for discerning Koi enthusiasts like you!

Key Benefits of FD Mighty:

Optimal Nutrition: Specifically formulated to cater to the nutritional requirements of your Koi, FD Mighty is available in 3kg and 15kg bags, ensuring a consistent and well-balanced diet for your prized fish.

Perfect Pellet Size: With a medium pellet size (5-7mm), FD Mighty is easy for your Koi to consume and digest, supporting healthy growth and development throughout their lives.

Powerful Ingredients: Packed with high-quality raw materials such as fish meal, bran, wheat meal, fish oil, and essential aqua vitamins and minerals, FD Mighty provides the essential nutrients needed for your Koi’s overall well-being.

Healthy Skin: Say hello to vibrant and healthy skin! FD Mighty contains fish oil and a unique blend of nutrients like sugar, choline, and inositol, promoting shiny and robust skin in your Koi.

Year-Round Feeding: FD Mighty is suitable for feeding your Koi even in colder temperatures, starting from 10 degrees Celsius, ensuring they receive optimal nutrition throughout the year.

Expertise and Reliability: Developed based on the renowned FD series expertise, FD Mighty is crafted to minimize stress on your Koi while maximizing their health, vitality, and stunning appearance.

Ingredients in FD Mighty:

Fish Meal
Wheat Meal
Fish Oil
Aqua Vitamins
Aqua Minerals
Analytical Values:

Crude Proteins: Min. 33%
Crude Oils & Fats: Min 4%
Crude Ash: Max 11%
Crude Fibers: Max 9%
Moisture: Max. 9%
Give your Koi the nutrition they deserve with FD Mighty. Elevate their health and appearance with every feeding session. Try FD Mighty today and witness your Koi flourish like never before! Trust FD Mighty for excellence in Koi nutrition.


Additional information

Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 80 × 70 × 40 cm

3kg, 15kg