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Japanese Oyster Shell Halves (5kg)


Stabilize your pond’s pH with Pacific oyster shell halves, favored by Koi keepers globally for effective buffering.

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Elevate your Koi-keeping experience with large Pacific oyster shell halves, a trusted choice among enthusiasts in Japan and worldwide.

These shells are renowned for their ability to buffer and stabilize pH levels in ponds reducing any pH swings throughout the day, ensuring optimal water conditions for your prized Koi.

Enhance water quality and promote a healthy aquatic environment with these premium oyster shell halves.

Natural pH stabilization benefits of oyster shells for your aquatic environment. Oyster shells play a vital role in stabilizing both pH and KH values, helping to prevent pH crashes.

As the KH value drops, the shells dissolve, restoring balance to the water chemistry. Additionally, oyster shells promote the growth of nitrifying bacteria, further enhancing water quality and supporting a thriving ecosystem in your pond or aquarium.

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Weight 5 kg