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JPD Fujiyama Koi Food Medium (5kg, 10kg)


Elevate koi well-being with JPD Fujiyama Koi Food, a natural, easily-digestible meal pellet blend crafted in Japan for excellent fish health and vibrancy.

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Elevate Your Koi’s Beauty with JPD Fujiyama Koi Food

Transform your Koi into vibrant masterpieces with JPD Fujiyama Koi Food, developed by the Japan Pet Drug Company (JPD), a trusted name in Koi health for over a century. This specialized formula is designed to enhance and preserve the stunning colors of your beloved fish, ensuring their health and vitality.

Discover the Benefits of JPD Fujiyama Koi Food

Nourishment for Vibrant Koi

JPD Fujiyama Koi Food is meticulously crafted from all-natural ingredients to ensure the well-being of your Koi. Free from artificial coloring agents, this food prioritizes natural nutrition to support optimal health and coloration in your prized fish.

Trusted Japanese Manufacturer

Produced by the same esteemed Japanese manufacturer behind renowned Koi foods like Medicarp, Nobori, Yamato Nishiki, and Sakura, Fujiyama Koi Food upholds the highest standards of quality and efficacy.

Premium Quality Ingredients

Fujiyama floating pellets are made using top-quality fishmeal, providing a nutritious and delicious meal that Koi find irresistibly tasty. The pellets are designed to be easily digestible, ensuring efficient nutrient absorption and promoting overall health.

Optimal Size and Shape

The pellets are carefully sized to suit the feeding habits of Koi, allowing them to consume their meal comfortably. Fujiyama pellets retain their shape even in water, preventing clouding and maintaining water clarity for a pristine aquatic environment.

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Crude Protein: Min. 35%
  • Crude Fat: Min. 5%
  • Crude Fiber: Max. 3%
  • Ash: Max. 10%
  • Moisture: Max. 10%


Fish meal, tofu, corn, wheat, rice husks, wheat chaff, vitamins, minerals.

Experience the Difference with JPD Fujiyama Koi Food

Unlock the vibrant colors and robust health of your Koi with Fujiyama Koi Food. Trust in JPD’s legacy of excellence and provide your Koi with the nutrition they deserve for a lifetime of beauty and vitality. Elevate your Koi-keeping experience with Fujiyama Koi Food today!

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