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Nexus Pond Filter Automatic System Set Up


Make Nexus the automatic choice
Continuing our long-standing reputation for innovation, the Nexus Automatic System now enables Nexus owners to benefit from a fully automated cleaning cycle on their multi-award winning Nexus filtration systems. Physically turning ball valves and manually switching pumps on and off will now be a thing of the past thanks to the Nexus Automatic System. All of the key processes that form the cleaning cycle are now controlled automatically with this easy-to-install kit.

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The Nexus Automatic System is revolutionizing pond maintenance by offering an automated cleaning cycle for Nexus filtration systems. Designed for ease of use, this system eliminates manual tasks and ensures optimal water quality in your pond. Here’s how it works:

Gravity-Fed Cleaning Cycle

  1. Set an adjustable timer to start the cleaning cycle.
  2. The control box automatically stops the circulating pump.
  3. Water levels stabilize in the Nexus.
  4. The inlet valve closes, redirecting air from the outer bio-chamber to clean the EAZY media.
  5. After cleaning, the waste valve opens to drain waste from the EAZY.
  6. The inlet valve opens for a final EAZY flush before closing the waste valve.
  7. Air redirects back to the bio-chamber, and the circulating pump resumes operation.

Pump-Fed Setups Cleaning Cycle

  1. Similar to gravity-fed setups, the cycle begins with an adjustable timer.
  2. The control box manages pump operations, stabilizes water levels, and directs air for media cleaning.
  3. After EAZY cleaning, the automated waste valve opens for drainage before air redirects to the bio-chamber, and pump operation resumes.

Optimizing Water Quality

Regular water changes are crucial for healthy aquatic environments. Set your Nexus Automatic system to align with a weekly 10% water change for optimal water quality.

Turnover Rate Consideration

Ideal turnover rates of 2 to 3 hours ensure efficient filtration, promoting a healthy aquatic ecosystem.

System Compatibility and Installation

Compatible with Nexus 220 and 320 filters post-2006, for gravity-fed or pump-fed setups. The kit includes essential components for installation and operation, providing hassle-free and efficient filtration with Nexus Automatic.

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Nexus 220, Nexus 320, Nexus Pump Fed