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Spindrifter 1 Inch Direct Air Feed Kit (1″)


The Spindrifter 1 Inch Direct Air Feed Kit aids in preventing pond water contamination, reducing back pressure, and enhancing air pump efficiency.

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Spindrifter 1 Inch Direct Air Feed Kit

The Spindrifter Direct Air Feed Kit allows you to hook up your air pump direct to the Diffuser; this means no Airline has to be threaded down the 1? pressure pipe. This has a number of advantages but the main one is no water can find its way down the 1? Pressure Pipe, which potentially will hold stagnant water and the dreaded blanketweed.

The Spindrifter bottom drain is known worldwide for its quality and design. The Spindrifter bottom drain completely replaces the “Standard Bottom Drain.”

The most noticeable feature of the Spindrifter bottom drain is the extra connection in the sump of the drain. This is where the machined Direct Air Feed connector glues in, supplying Air to the main diffuser stem. This allows the air supply hose to enter the sump independent of the water outlet pipe, thus eliminating the possibility of restriction to the water flow and somewhere else for blanket weed to attach.

The second part of the Direct Air Feed glues on the end of the 1? pressure pipe which typically will be located in the filter house, enabling you to connect to the Air Pump.

This Direct Air Kit also prevents any back pressure, causing premature failure on your Air pumps.

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