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  • Velda Pond Heron Stop Spinner


    The Velda Wind Spinner offers straightforward installation and serves as a heron deterrent, protecting your fish pond from unwanted birds and predators.

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    Koi Medic Salinity Tester


    The Koi Medic Digital Salinity Tester is an easy way to test the salinity levels in your Koi pond. This technically advanced device gives fast and accurate results every time. It is very easy to use, simply dip the sensor into the water and read the result.

  • Koi Perspex Viewing Sphere


    Fish viewing is a unique experience for pond owners and their friends with the new
    floating see through spheres for ponds. Close observation is also useful when checking for
    damage on your Koi. The availability of two size options, with diameters of 36cm and 46cm across the clear part of the sphere, allows users to choose the size that best suits their pond and viewing preferences.


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    Superfish Koi Pro Digi Test 4 in 1


    The Koi Pro Digi Test 4 in 1 offers a comprehensive solution for measuring multiple parameters crucial for maintaining optimal pond water conditions. Here are the key features of this advanced digital meter. Overall, the Koi Pro Digi Test 4 in 1 combines convenience, accuracy, and efficiency, making it an essential tool for pond owners seeking to ensure the health and well-being of their aquatic inhabitants.