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  • Aqua Source Replacement Quartz Sleeves 40w / 80w


    Aqua Source Amalgam 40w & 80w Replacement Quartz Sleeves.

    . Ensure optimal performance and longevity with our high-quality quartz sleeves designed specifically for your UV units.

  • EVO UV 110w UV Flexi pipe kit


    Effortlessly connect your evo110W with 1.5″ Flexible Hose using this convenient kit designed for UK customers. The kit includes everything you need: X2 2″ to 1.5″ Reducing Bush, X2 1.5″ Waste Reducing Sleeve, and X2 1.5″ Solvent Weld Hosetail, ensuring a hassle-free installation process.

  • Replacement Amalgam UV Bulbs


    Ensure consistent performance and crystal-clear pond water with Replacement Aqua Source Amalgam UV bulbs.Trust in Aqua Source quality for lasting reliability.Available in two sizes: 40w and 80w.

  • EvoUVTi Titanium Enhanced UV Clarifier 55w/110w

    The Evolution Aqua evoUV Ti, Titanium Enhanced 55w UV Clarifier has a thick and polished titanium tube lining, which quickly clears green pond water. The titanium chamber’s internal surface reacts with the UV light and creates Hydroxyl Radicals, a strong oxidising agent, that immediately breaks down both organic and inorganic substances, making the water clear by eliminating algae, bacteria and viruses that live in water, while keeping all pond life safe.