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Superfish Koi Pro Spawning Brushes


Facilitate successful koi breeding with soft green Spawning Brushes designed to provide a safe environment for fish eggs and fry.

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The Spawning Brushes come in a pack of 2 specially designed soft green spawning brushes each brush measures 120 cm by 14 cm in diameter.

Spawning is made easy with the help of these specially designed-brushes. The breeding season is normally from April to July depending on the weather.

Place the Spawning Brushes just below water level, one above the other, at the edge of the pond, this will encourages your fish to spawn, usually in the early hours.

Spawning takes several hours with the eggs sticking to the brushes.

After spawning, separate the brushes from the broodfish to avoid the eggs being eaten.
Place the brushes in filtered water of the same temperature and the fry will hatch in 3-6 days.

Small fish should be kept separate until they are large enough to be introduced to the pond.

Please Note: These spawning brushes are made from a soft material that won’t harm your fish. DO NOT USE normal filter brushes for this purpose as they are simply not soft enough..

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