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    AquaForte DM-Vario S WiFi Pond Pumps


    Discover AquaForte DM-Vario S WiFi Pond Pumps, the latest in pump technology. Control flow rates, on/off status, and scheduling with ease using the free iOS or Android app. These pumps feature their own Wi-Fi signal for seamless operation without a router. Upgrade your pond system with AquaForte’s innovative pumps today!

  • Aquaforte Pond Vacuum (Wet & Dry)


    The AQUAFORTE POND VACUUM (WET & DRY) 4-in-1 is a versatile solution for pond and pool cleaning, serving as both a wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

  • AquaForte Fix & Seal – 290ml Waterproof Pond Sealant


    It’s specifically designed for water features and ponds, making it the perfect solution for all your aquatic projects and perfect for repairing leaks.

  • Aquaforte Pond Defence 100 (Electric Fence)


    With this electric wire you can prevent herons from reaching your pond. Non-hazardous but very effective electric wire system. Operation: The energizer gives an electrical impulse to the wire that is tensioned around the pond. When touched, an impulse is emitted which keeps the heron away from the pond. The annual electricity costs are  minimal.

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    Aquaforte Tornado III Protein Skimmer


    Renewed model with ball valve for flow control and special new bio rings for even better mix of oxygen. Thanks to the ball valve it is much easier to adjust the correct water level. Through a 4mm air connection and supplied flowmeter an air pump continuously pumps 0,5l/m (30l/h) air into the filter. This pressure ensures that the foam is pushed out of the filter through the foam outlet tube. The protein skimmer is a combination of a biological, mechanical and chemical filter.