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    AquaForte DM-Vario S WiFi Pond Pumps


    Discover AquaForte DM-Vario S WiFi Pond Pumps, the latest in pump technology. Control flow rates, on/off status, and scheduling with ease using the free iOS or Android app. These pumps feature their own Wi-Fi signal for seamless operation without a router. Upgrade your pond system with AquaForte’s innovative pumps today!

  • Aquaforte Pond Vacuum (Wet & Dry)


    The AQUAFORTE POND VACUUM (WET & DRY) 4-in-1 is a versatile solution for pond and pool cleaning, serving as both a wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

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    Control Box Complete For Filtreau Drum Filter


    A control box compatible with any Filtreau Drum filter.

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    Evolution Aqua K+ Advanced Filter


    Introducing Evolution Aqua’s latest innovation in pond filtration technology, the K+ Advanced Filters. Manufactured by Evolution Aqua in the UK, this new range of pressure filters have been specifically designed to use Evolution Aqua’s own filtration media, K+ Media, to deliver exceptional water clarity and to be economical to run.

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    Evolution Aqua Surge Filter


    Introducing the Evolution Aqua Surge Filter, an innovative solution designed to maintain crystal-clear, healthy water in ponds up to 5,000 litres. Say goodbye to messy sponges and foams – with this filter, you’ll keep your hands dry and have more time to enjoy your pond.

    Here’s how it works: as pond water is pumped up through the Surge Filter, the K+ Media acts as a mechanical barrier, trapping debris as it flows through. The waste particles remain captured within the K+ Media until they are dislodged and flushed away during the patented Air Clean Technology cleaning process.

  • Air Diffuser Tube Ring (500mm)

    Air Diffuser Tube Ring (500mm)


    Upgrade your koi pond aeration system with professional-quality rubber ring hose, featuring adjustable size and stainless steel rods for efficient installation.

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    Aqua Forte 6ltr Solar Powered Automatic Feeder


    The solar panel automatically charges the internal battery to supply the feeder with power. The feeder comes with pegs to raise the feeder higher above the ground.

  • Aqua Source Balance Vitalize (1ltr, 2.5ltr)


    Aqua Balance VITALIZE enhances fish immune systems, aids recovery, and neutralizes potassium permanganate for optimal pond health.

  • Aqua Source Kanno Shower Media (5kg)

    Aqua Source Kanno Shower Media (5kg)


    Optimise water quality with Far Infrared Bacteria Home, a premium mineral rock filter medium for abundant beneficial bacteria and enhanced water purity.

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    Aqua Source Kano Shower Media


    Ideal for all Pond Shower type filters, Kano Shower Media will help maintain excellent water quality and also maintain the eco balance in your pond.

    Made from the finest quartz and minerals, far infrared is heated up to 1800C to break up the internal bonds and create an incredibly porous surface, which encourages good bacteria to colonise in the huge protected surface area.

    The Kano Media emits FAR infrared rays that break the bonds of the neighbouring water molecules thereby allowing more oxygen to be dissolved in the water. Larger organic solids are dissolved quicker than conventional media. Kano Shower Media does not degrade and is pH neutral.

  • Aqua Source Water Purification


    The Aqua Source Inline Dechlorinator is a convenient solution for removing chlorine and impurities from tap water, making it suitable for use in ponds and tanks without harming the ecosystem. Here are the key features and benefits of this product:

    Chlorine and Impurities Removal:

    Effectively filters out harmful chlorine and other impurities from tap water, ensuring the water is safe for aquatic life.
    Quick and Easy: No need to wait for chlorine to dissipate; fill your pond or tank directly from the hose pipe without worrying about harming your aquatic environment.

  • Aquaforte Auto Feeder

    Aquaforte Automatic Feeder


    Delivery: DPD parcel Comes in: Box Quantity of Product: 1 The new Aqua Forte koi Feeder now lets you feed your koi up to 6 times a day, no matter if you are at home or away your koi will still eat on time and stay healthy and grow faster. These new Aqua Forte koi…

  • Aquaforte Linn Profi Feeder

    Aquaforte Linn Profi Automatic Feeder


    The Profi Automatic Feeder features a unique food portion mechanism, precise timer control, and a 5kg hopper capacity for efficient and mold-free feeding.

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    Aquaforte Tornado III Protein Skimmer


    Renewed model with ball valve for flow control and special new bio rings for even better mix of oxygen. Thanks to the ball valve it is much easier to adjust the correct water level. Through a 4mm air connection and supplied flowmeter an air pump continuously pumps 0,5l/m (30l/h) air into the filter. This pressure ensures that the foam is pushed out of the filter through the foam outlet tube. The protein skimmer is a combination of a biological, mechanical and chemical filter.

  • Bio Carrier Hel-X 17 (100ltr)

    Bio Carrier Hel-X 17 Media (100ltr)


    Perfect for moving bed systems, Hel-X 17 Bio Media enhances your pond filtration and offers excellent performance in drum and trickle filters.

  • Bactoplus PSB (2ltr)

    Colombo BactoPlus Fresh PSB (2ltr)


    Columbo Bactoplus Fresh is a unique living bacteria that enhances pond water quality by swiftly breaking down fish waste and organic matter.

  • Evolution Aqua EazyPod Automatic UV


    The Evolution Aqua EazyPod Automatic UV is the ultimate solution for pond owners seeking effortless and efficient filtration. Here’s why it’s the automatic choice for your pond.

    You can enjoy the benefits of a fully automated and efficient filtration system that keeps your pond clean and healthy with minimal effort. Say goodbye to manual cleaning chores and hello to hassle-free pond maintenance.


  • Evolution Aqua  Automatic Pond Feeder

    Evolution Aqua EVO-FEED Automatic Feeder


    The evoFeed Automatic Fish Feeder is a programmable, weatherproof feeder for medium to large ponds, ideal for frequent and holiday feeding.

  • Evolution Aqua K1 Filter Media


    In summary, the Kaldnes Moving Bed process offers fish keepers a scientifically validated filtration method that has been refined through years of practical application in fish farming and wastewater treatment. With its innovative design and high-performing media, this filtration system represents a significant advancement in aquarium filtration technology, providing fish keepers with the tools they need to maintain pristine water conditions and promote the well-being of their fish.

  • Evolution Aqua Tempest Pond Filter


    Evolution Aqua Tempest Filter is a game-changer in pond filtration, providing pond enthusiasts with a reliable and effective solution for achieving crystal-clear water and maintaining a healthy pond ecosystem. Whether you’re a seasoned pond keeper or new to the hobby, the Tempest Filter is sure to enhance your pond experience and bring your aquatic environment to life.

  • EvoUVTi Titanium Enhanced UV Clarifier 55w/110w

    The Evolution Aqua evoUV Ti, Titanium Enhanced 55w UV Clarifier has a thick and polished titanium tube lining, which quickly clears green pond water. The titanium chamber’s internal surface reacts with the UV light and creates Hydroxyl Radicals, a strong oxidising agent, that immediately breaks down both organic and inorganic substances, making the water clear by eliminating algae, bacteria and viruses that live in water, while keeping all pond life safe.
  • eXact iDip 570 Photometer

    eXact iDip 570 Photometer


    eXact iDip 570 Photometer Pond Starter Kit revolutionises water testing with a smart device-compatible system, offering precision and convenience.

  • Sale! Far Infrared Bakki Bacteria Home Media (5kg)

    Far Infrared Bakki Bacteria Home Media (5kg)


    Enhance water quality with Far Infrared Bacteria Home, a high-grade mineral rock filter medium effective in improving bacterial concentration.

  • FD Build Up Extra Koi Food (Floating) (3kg, 15kg)


    Harness top-tier fish nutrition with the acclaimed FD Build Up Extra, made from premium all-natural ingredients for optimal digestion and body volume.